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Living History at Bald Hill Schoolhouse

Farmingville, NY

May 7, 2022

Video of Saturday's action by Superfan, Chris Lauterbach
5/7/2022 -- Bald Hill Schoolhouse Civil War Encampment - Opening Ceremony

The Bald Hill Schoolhouse Civil War Encampment was again held after suspension since 2019. The event was planned months in advance and would be held "rain or shine". It did indeed rain heavily, yet the the living historians 'shined'. This short video was recorded in the rain with a just my hand trying to shield the lens from the drops.held late morning. I pulled up in front of the schoolhouse just as the Opening Ceremony commenced. Please accept the raindrops on the lens as capturing the moment was the priority.

Video of Saturday's action by Superfan, Chris Lauterbach.
5/7 /2022 -- Bald Hill Schoolhouse Civil War Encampment - Mud Sloggers In Action

It had rained all day so the skirmish was going to be a soggy one. The Blue and the Gray lined up on opposite sides of the field and exchanged volleys of musket fire. Though outnumbered the Northern troops were able to get off more and more accurate rounds as the South took heavy casualties. It all plays out in the video.

Video of Sunday's action by Superfan, Chris Lauterbach.
5-7-2022 -- Bald Hill Schoolhouse Civil War Encampment - Field Medical Treatment

The rainy weather found George Munkenbeck setting up his display of Civil War medical equipment of the Terry House Porch. He described how troops were treated and what tools surgeons used in the field. This video captures a brief portion of that narrative.

Ulysses S. Grant's 200th Birthday Celebration
at Grant's Tomb

New York, NY

April 30, 2022

The National Park Service at Grant's Tomb held a series of celebrations commemorating the 200th birthday of Ulysses S. Grant. On the Saturday after his real birthday (the 27th), the NPS invited Living Historians to perform. This footage includes a musical performance by Linda Russell, Early American Balladeer, along with interaction with the public and an exploration of Grant's Tomb itself.


Musket Cleaning & Maintenance Lesson

Sayville, NY

April 24, 2022

Our Ordnance Sergeant Atkins (Bill Hohnhorst) giving us a long overdue refresher course on musket cleaning and maintenance before our monthly meeting at the Grange.