Living History at Bald Hill Schoolhouse

Farmingville, NY

May 7, 2022

Unfortunately, Mother Nature showed us no mercy for this 'rain or shine' event at Bald Hill Schoolhouse yet we made the most of this cold and soggy day. Despite the weather, there were some visitors and we warmed ourselves by the fire, drank lots of coffee, and dined on hearty & hot beef stew for lunch. We had one last skirmish at 3pm and by some sheer miracle our muskets still fired. Hopefully, the weather will be better next year.


drilling the Fresh Fish lining up the men Combined Confederate camp Surgeon George Munkenbeck Perfect day for the gum rubber ponchos Assembling for the flag ceremony A motley crew Flag Ceremony Presenting Arms Raising the flag Practicing firing Our Commissary some very young recruits getting some free coffee taking care of the kids The Confederates practicing Lunch is ready! hearty beef stew Winner of the longest commute Your Soaked Correspondent The 3pm Skirmish Casualties piling up MUSTER ROLL