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This year what we lacked in the number of events recorded we made up for in length. Our Superfan, Chris Lauterbach, filmed us at Bald Hill Schoolhouse with the 9th & 30th Virginias in May and provided us with lots of footage from our 15th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange in the fall (we recorded one of our own for the latter). In July, we attended the largest event of the year, the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Lastly, we ended the season with the 160th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address at Remembrance Day in Gettysburg.

Remembrance Day

Gettysburg, PA

November 17 - 18, 2023

This year marked the 160th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg address. It also coincided with the 67th NY's 25th time at Remembrance Day in Gettysburg. The video ends with a montage of all our visits to Gettysburg on Remembrance Day.


15th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange

Sayville, NY

September 30 - October 1, 2023

Here is our "Official" video of the 15th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange held in Sayville, Long Island. This time round, our event was delayed due to heavy rains but the show went on starting late Saturday and through a spectacularly sunny Sunday.

Video by Superfan, Chris Lauterbach
Max or Molly: Female Civil War re-enactors march proudly onto the battlefields where their forerunners disguised themselves to fight per Leigh Stein of Slate April 27, 2014. Up to 1,000 women fought for both the Union and Confederate armies during the war, disguising themselves as men to slip by. Me and my camcorder were in the right place at the right time for this short re-enactment.

Video by Superfan, Chris Lauterbach
15th Annual Civil War at the Grange Timed Firing Competition: A soldier during the Civil War was figured to fire 3 rounds per minute. This was average and some did better and some did worse. Living Historians from both sides participated in Sunday's competition.

Video by Superfan, Chris Lauterbach
The Skirmish: The skirmish pitted Northern and Southern artillery and infantry against each other. Cannons roared and rifles barked, and there was gunsmoke aplenty drifting across the battlefield. Who could ask for more in a reenactment. The action was fought by members of: Co. K, 67th Regiment NY Infantry, Co. H, 14th Brooklyn Infantry, Co. C , 9th Virginia Infantry, Co. B , 30th Virginia Infantry, 6th NY independent Battery

Video by Superfan, Chris Lauterbach
The Church Service:Sunday Church Service is part of the program for The Civil War at the Grange. It follows Protestant liturgy and includes scripture lessons, hymns, prayers, benedictions and a Sermon. It is open to the Living Historians (soldiers, camp followers) and visitors to the event. And it is open to Blue and Gray alike. George J. Muckenbeck is the Chaplain of Co. H, 14th Brooklyn Infantry and conducts the service.



Gettysburg, PA

June 22 - 25, 2023

Here's a compilation of footage taken during the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg that was held by the Patriots of the Civil War Association (PCWA) on the last weekend in June.

An excellent video courtesy of the Gettysburg Images channel showing Pickett's Charge including drone footage


Living History at Bald Hill Schoolhouse

Farmingville, NY

May 6, 2023

Video by Superfan, Chris Lauterbach
Ever since the bypass surgery I have not gotten to the encampments and reenactments that usually start the season here on Long Island. This year's Bald Hill School House Civil War Encampment was my first. And It was a most beautiful day to hold the event. Blue Skies, just right temperature and every now and then a gentle breeze to get the flag and banners to flutter. This is the was even a mid-afternoon skirmish, which I promised to post on YouTube. The video closes with a memorial ceremony for William Atkins, Ordnance Sgt., real name William Hohnhorst. I remember Bill's historical Civil War presentations at the many events I recorded over the years..