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Early in the season, we had a Changing of the Guard when our Captain of 22 years retired, turning over command to our new Captain, Tom Demaria. In April, we traveled to Plymouth Church to finally examine hands-on the flags of the original 67th NY that were discovered four years ago. Another first, we were invited to a Memorial Day Ceremony at the Captain Dermody Triangle that contains one of the few memorial specifically dedicated to our regiment. We held the 11th Civil War Weekend at the Grange in September followed two weeks later by our very first visit to Fort Totten in Queens. Our major anniversary battle for this year was Cedar Creek 155 and we capped off the year with our first ever trip to Remembrance Day in Gettysburg with a new Captain at the helm.

Remembrance Day

Gettysburg, PA

November 22 - 23, 2019

Video from our trip to Gettysburg for Remembrance Day. Including footage of our Saturday morning ceremony at our monument on Culp's Hill, the parade, and our Dennis Phelps and Max (Lumpy) Rowland jamming for our entertainment.



Middletown, VA

October 19 - 20, 2019

Our trip to Cedar Creek had two days of sun and one day of rain. We caught some battle action on video for both Saturday and Sunday along with camp life and even a rendition of Ashokan Farewell by a musician in the 69th PA.


Living History at Fort Totten

Bayside, NY

September 29, 2019

This video is of our first ever visit to historic Fort Totten in Queens includes Loading & Firing Demos in the morning and afternoon plus Manual of Arms.


11th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange

Sayville, NY

September 14 - 15, 2019

The Official Company video of our 11th Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange.

Peter Scarabelli Memorial Ceremony
This is the first of four videos for this event that were shot by over videographer Superfan, Chris Lauterbach. In his own words... 'Reenactors from both sides at the 11th Annual Civil War at the Grange gathered at the Southern Camp to remember a comrade who had died accidentally in Dec. of 2018. Peter Scarabelli, a member of the 9th Va., last participated in the 10th Annual event, and this would have been the first that he missed. He was a young man, just 25 and deeply missed. Peter is pictured on the far right of the thumbnail.'

'First Skirmish'
(Chris Lauterbach) 'A detachment of Southern troops, guarding Confederate stores, was attacked by a small group of Union solders. The first skirmish increased in scope as additional Union soldiers arrived. The Southerners defended their stores and repelled the the attack.'

'Second Skirmish'
(Chris Lauterbach) 'The Annual Civil War Weekends at the Grange always provide great living history experiences. Each day offers two skirmishes or battles with lots of action as "Yank" or Reb" reenactors fight very realistic mock battles. Rifle fire, cannon fire, the Rebel Yell all add to the sights and sounds of the event. There is a companion 360 degree video which you to move back and forth on the screen'

'Civil War at the Grange in 360 And HD - Second Skirmish'
(Chris Lauterbach) 'This is Saturday afternoon’s 2nd Skirmish. It is the entire battle, and integrates 360 degree and High Def standard 2D video formats. The HD video inserts are placed where the action is and offer up close detail. Use your mouse or finger to move around the screen to follow these. This unique technique permits you to follow the movement of the battle as it ebbs and flows whether play is continuous or freeze framed. There is a companion 2D video of just the HD footage. I suggest that you watch this as well.'


Memorial Day Service at Capt. Dermody Triangle

Bayside, NY

May 31, 2019

The Bayside Historical Society invited us to participate in a Memorial Day service at Captain Dermody Triangle located in Bayside, Queens. At the center of the park is a stone Civil War Memorial honoring Captain Dermody who led the original Company K of the original 67th NY. Captain Dermody was killed at Spotsylvania and on this same ground where his farm stood, his sister erected this memorial in his memory. It is one of the only monuments to the Original 67th NY outside of Gettysburg.


Finding Our Flags: Parts 1 & 2

Brooklyn, NY

April 27, 2019

Video from our trips to Plymouth Church in Brooklyn in 2015 and again in 2019. The church had discovered the battle flags of the Original 67th NY hidden away in a corner of their gymnasium in 2015. We were able to view them through the case then but we had to wait another four years to remove them for closer inspection. They're still in the church and we hope to get the process started on restoring them.


Chaging of the Guard/Farewell to the Captain
Joe's Final Drill and Meeting

Sayville, NY

March 31, 2019

History is Made...after 22 years of service, Jospeh Bilardello stepped down from Command and handed the reins over to our new Captain, Tom Demaria. Joe and his family are Texas-bound. The video captures Joe's last drill and meeting at the Grange. Special thanks to Mike Sweeney of the 9th Virginia for shooting the outside portion.