Educational Program
Smithtown Historical Society

Smithtown, NY

May 19, 2022

AT LAST!!! After THREE years we had our first school program kicking off with Smithtown Historical Society's annual Civil War program. Roughly 500 students roamed the camps of the 67th NY, 9th VA, 30th VA, and, for his very first time, George Munkenbeck and his hospital impression. Unfortunately, neither the Cavalry or Artillery could make it this year so us foot soldiers did double duty keeping the kids engaged. Better still, we had dry weather which can't be take for granted in the month of May (at least in NY).

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Federal Camp the 30th Virginia teaching about the musket Our Captain Stillwell answering some questions providing period music Drill Demonstration serving as brevet First Sgt. putting down the banjo Secure Arms Confederate drill Our National & Regimental For the very first time conducting repairs teaching period music Acting First Sgt. The blacksmith shop spying on the enemy Sad Rebel