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Year in Review

Since last year’s excitement was a tough act to follow, 2018 was relatively sedate. Our Spring was filled with plenty of school programs including Smithtown Historical Society and a second visit to Old Bethpage Village Restoration. We also paid a second visit to Bald Hill Schoolhouse with our Confederate partners. In September, we had our 10th Civil War Weekend at the Grange including all the usual suspects and managed fund the whole affair ourselves. Given that we were in the ‘155th Cycle’, we joined about 6,000 fellow reenactors at Gettysburg 155. While nowhere near the scale of Sesquicentennial, the turnout was decent, and we had the most spectacular weather for July with temps barely out of the 80s and not a drop of humidity. With Cedar Creek canceled for this year (due in part to last year’s scare), we focused on Remembrance Day to close the season along with a Christmas celebration at St. John’s Church. Sadly, our ranks were touched by death once more by the passing of ex-Confederate turned Federal recruit, Bruce Dow.

Westhampton Beach
St. Patrick's Day Parade
Westhampton Beach, NY
March 10, 2018

Educational Program
Walt Whitman High School
Huntington, NY
April 12, 2018

Monthly Drill at the Grange
Sayville, NY
April 29, 2018

Living History at Bald Hill Schoolhouse
Farmingville, NY
May 5, 2018

Educational Program
Northport Middle School
Northport, NY
May 10, 2018

Educational Program
Old Bethpage Village Restoration
Old Bethpage, NY
May 15, 2018

Educational Program
Smithtown Historical Society
Smithtown, NY
May 18, 2018

Educational Program
Center Moriches Middle School
Center Moriches, NY
June 8, 2018

Educational Program
Mount Sinai Elementary School
Mount Sinai, NY
June 12, 2018

Educational Program
Wading River Elementary School
Wading River, NY
June 15, 2018

Gettysburg, PA
July 5 - 8, 2018

Living History at
Westhampton Beach Historical Society
Westhampton Beach, NY
August 4, 2018

Monthly Drill at the Grange
Sayville, NY
August 26, 2018

10th Annual Civil War Weekend
at the Grange
Sayville, NY
September 15 - 16, 2018

Veteran's Day Ceremony at Lakeview Cemetery
Patchogue, NY
November 10, 2018

Remembrance Day
Gettysburg, PA
November 17, 2018

2nd Civil War Christmas
at St. John's Episcopal Church
Oakdale, NY
December 15, 2018