Gettysburg, PA

July 5 - 8, 2018

After the infernal onslaught that was the 150th, Mother Nature granted us mercy for the 155th in delivering the best weather we will ever have for a July event. Some of us arrived on Thursday to get a head start on this long, anniversary weekend and to set up our Commissary that spoiled us soldiers rotten with food too good for even the officers. We fielded 27 members for this one, a new record, and we formed Second Comapany in the 2nd Federal Rifles, our new battalion that was debuting for the first time in the field. Unlike the last few recent anniversaries, the Union camp was tucked way into the corner of the property that required long treks to and from the battle area and the Sutlers. We certainly got plenty of cardio in. Still, logistics were excellent with water, wood, and sanitation in full working order. The only precipitation came on late Friday morning as a cold front quickly flushed out the humidity leaving us with clean, dry air all weekend. Friday's battles were 'Those Damn Black Hats, repulsing the assault on Seminary Ridge' in the morning and 'Thundering Hell, Defending East Cemetery Hill' in the evening. Saturday's were 'A Bloody Harvest, the Battle of the Wheatfield' in the morning and 'Attack that Stone Wall!' in the evening. We spent ample time up at the Sutlers during the day for shopping and then Saturday night to watch the dance chaired by the 2nd South Carolina String Band. Of course, the Grand Finale was Pickett's Charge on Sunday. And while it may have lacked the sweeping scale of previous anniversaries, we were all in high spirits and full enjoyed our time out in the Pennsylvania countryside.

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The Magic Begins... The Before Picture Union Dusk Going out for a trot the Commissary getting the fires going Horse Breakfast! Cpl. Sylvester Kane the Moon shone brightly improvised ID Eric B.C. our Commissary Crew Another fine shot of the sunrise Pvt. Mike Clemente Those Damn Black Hats the Guidon carrier Hill with a View A Battalion Volley Admiring from afar First Day: Battle of Seminary Ridge Those Horse Soldiers Our youngins playing dominos The Chateau of Sergeant Kent Corporals Passing Having a light lunch this Friday