Remembrance Day
Gettysburg, PA
November 21 - 22, 2008

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View from the OTHER side of the street No smiles from the Corporal Lieutenant Farr and Pvt Jamieson Presidents Max and Jim...
Our Color Sergeant... Colonel Washburn delivers his speech The Confederates The Barnstormers are back
Tavern on the Green room Jim and his wife Under Construction Now what can this be?
Colonel David gets his And so does the President Washburn's Warriors and David's Devils Battleworn
The Virginia Reel Just enough dancefloor Slim Harrison The Captain and Mr. Phelps
Rogue's Gallery Two of the Founding Fathers The Barnstormers Mary and Bill David
Scott Washburn and his wife Prez and the Color Sgt Corporal O'Brien The Last Waltz...