The Battle of Perryville
Perryville, KY
October 6 - 8, 2006

After Sunday's fight and returning to our temporary base in Louisville, we took some time to visit the humble origins of our 16th President. Ironically, Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace and his boyhood home at Knob Creek are both very close to Perryville itself. Paying homage to the Commander of the Union Armies certainly served as penance for this wayward Yankee.
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Colonel Yokubaitis speaks with his Officers The band takes a breather Resting under the midday sun Getting instructions from the General
We start moving Delivering volleys The Federals rear their heads Our right advances
Federal artillery The Union line holds firm Staying put behind the fence One last push for Open Knob
Pvt Dawes rises from the dead One last pose Cleansing the guilt Abe's family
His monument Not his cabin... but a reasonable facsimile The Lincoln Museum Abe's boyhood home at Knob Creek