The Battle of Perryville
Perryville, KY
October 6 - 8, 2006

Saturday's scenario was 'the Fight for Loomis Heights' while Sunday's was 'the Fight for Open Knob'. Both scenarios and indeed the whole reenactment were held on the original battlefield itself...not a common occurence in this hobby. The 9th Texas formed the core of the Red River Battalion that also included the 6th Texas Infantry and the 32nd Mississippi Infantry... none of whom minded having a Yankee disguised in the ranks...
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Warming ourselves around the fire A chilly mist on Sunday morning Scoring some coffee Sunrise
The corporal and Lt Colonel First Sgt Murray Ricks Company F of the 9th TX Morning Dress Parade
Confederate civilian camp Other Rebel regiments Other Rebel regiments Greg 'Dusty' Lind
The 32nd MS Unlucky fellow Resting in the shade of the trees... Back on our feet
On the march The Colonel talks to the High Brass Held in Reserve The Colonel talks to the High Brass