Bayonet Drill with the Mifflin Guard
Gettysburg National Park
July 5, 2009

On Sunday morning, Colonel Washburn took a company of volunteers to demonstrate bayonet drill next to the Pennsylvania Monumnent. As this form of drill is not performed very often this was worth documenting. Many of the commands are in French and many thanks to the Colonel for providing the proper captions for each photo.
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The Colonel demonstrates the basic position of 'Guard' Guard Advance The Colonel demonstrates the 'voltes’
Right Volte Left Volte Right-about Volte The 'Develop'
The Colonel Lunging Everyone Lunging The Thrust The Parries
Parry en Prime Parry en Segunde Miscellaneous Parries 'Okay, this is a musket'
Shorten on the Left Stock up—Strike! Stocks to the rear Stocks to the right
Stocks to the left Parry in high Tierce All done! Bayonet Drill