The Adventures of General Phil Sheridan
From Gettysburg to Cedar Creek

October 19 - 21, 2007

Our very own Private EJ Kuhlmann recently discovered that he was a direct descendant (by marriage) of the most pivotal Union leader at Cedar Creek...the General of the U.S. Cavarly, Phil Sheridan. So EJ and fellow Private, Bob Hutton, picked up 'Uncle Phil' in Gettysburg and drove him down to Cedar Creek so that he might relive his glory days. Not one to hold back his tongue, the ever irascible General endeared himself to the men with this frank commentary. Now that the General has reconnected with family, we may have the privelege of his company in the future...
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Not a morning person Bathing is for weaklings! I'll come out when I'm damn ready! You call this coffee?
Get my good side Inspecting the Cavalry His youngest fan The General's Staff
Another descendant The General's Quarters PUSH OFF!, Corporal Give me those dice
You must be sterner, Colonel Apples and Coffee Where's my smokes? I'll be back