Our company hosted four stragglers from other units in the USV's
however we did have eighteen men from our regiment for this special occasion... left to right...

Captain Peck (Joe Bilardello), Drummer Steve Badamo, Pvt. Tom Speight, Sgt. Moyer (Jeff Speight),
Pvt. Tom Badamo, Pvt. Justin Parker, Pvt. John Speight, Pvt. Sean Luchsinger,
Pvt. Ken Boyle, Cpl. Brad Jennings, Pvt. Kane (Mike Boyle), Pvt. Clarke (Fred Kuntz),
Pvt. Brian Bennett, Col. Sgt. Dan Blander, Cpl. Stillwell (Will Demaria),
Sgt. Kent (Max Kenny), Dean Badamo (with guidon), and Lt. Stillwell (Tom Demaria)

May 17, 2015