The Surrender at Appomattox
(The Long Road Home...)

Appomattox, VA

April 10 - 12, 2015

Your Correspondent and his Confederate comrade commemorated this 150th Anniversary by spending the following week traveling through Virginia starting with a more throrough exploration of Appomattox Court House after all the crowds had cleared off. Then we drove west into the Shenadoah Valley to Lexington, VA. There we explored Stonewall Jackson's House, the Virginia Military Institute where Jackson taught prior to the War, Washington and Lee University that has the Lee Chapel and Museum (final resting place of Robert E. Lee and his family), and Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery where the General is buried.

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The following day. TThe Courthouse Clover Hill Tavern Plunkett Meeks Store The Road Inside the Clover Hill Tavern Parole Press A Closer Look The Tavern guest house Private Mike Dawes Looking towards the Courthouse The McLean House parlor The McLean House parlor Confederate and Union he Long Road Home Visiting the home of Stonewall Jackson Little Sorel Other personal items Other personal items The VMI Campus Casualties of New Market Inside the VMI Chapel The Lee Memorial Chapel Family Crypt Small Feet General Lee's horse, Traveler Jackson's Grave Lemons