Sixth Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange

Sayville, NY

September 20 - 21, 2014

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Pvt. Dan Blander The Artillery joins in the fray Drummer Boy Frederick Frissee The battery captures a Confederate Miss Diane is none too pleased Corporal fires off a parting shot Corporal Armstrong Playing the Triangle Sunday's battle begins Trooper Nicole 1st Company as skirmishers One Against Many Administring Last Rights The 10th NY Commander Frank Bradford Mike Yutesler Pvt. Capach Casualties everywhere Resurrected Prisoner Exchange Three Cheers! SUNDAY'S MUSTER ROLL the Horse Whisperer Back at the hospital Pvt. Bennett George and James Stillwell Chip Smallwood Joe, Vicky, and Frank Linus the poser Finnegan the Mascot Finnegan the Mascot