Fifth Annual Civil War Weekend at the Grange

Sayville, NY

September 21 - 22, 2013

Our Fifth time out was thankfully hurricane-free and apart from a passing storm Saturday night we had remarkable autumn weather. We were joined by our usual Grangemates including the 9th Virginia, 30th Virginia, and Company H of the 14th Brooklyn. The Florance Drum Company also returned as did the Sons and Daughters of Union Veterans. To keep the men on their toes, we had several spontaneous skirmishes throughout the weekend that ensured everyone burned off plenty of powder. This year we managed the greatest media coverage thus far with articles by Newsday and an extended video by Channel 12 News. We also wish to thank local photographer Tim Butler for providing extraordinary photos of Sunday.

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Private Chauncy Private Dan Blander Dress Parade Officer of the Day Commissary Sgt Confederate camp Capt. Jim Carrick Kevin O'Malley Pvt. Gary Schoen School of the Soldier Falling into a marching column Stacking arms Furling th flag Surgeon George Munkenbeck Unstacking Resuming the march Falling into battlefront Looking back for support Loading while marching FIRE! Returning the favor Confederates at the Ready Pulling back Precious Coffee Captive Capach