At last...our missing men arrived to complete our ranks
They were too late for battle but stayed long enough for dinner and to pose for our MUSTER ROLL

standing l-r: Commissary Sgt O'Reilly (Brian Niessing), Lt Farr (Bob Bachmann), Pvt Jones (Bruce Weidenburner), Pvt Owen (EJ Kuhlmann) Pvt Carr (Chris Schnupp), PVt Jamieson (Dave Brink), Pvt O'Maley (Jack Vierling), Cpl Marshall (Dave Schnupp), Pvt Hanson (Terrance Vierling), Captain Moriarty (Joe Bilardello), and Joe Johnson (119th NY)

kneeling l-r: Cpt O'Brien (Tom Creamer), Cpt Casey (TJ Johansen), Pvt Hutton, Pvt Coffee (Sean Wisniewski), Pete (119th NY), and Cpl Kent (Max Kenny)

October 21, 2006


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