140th Anniversary
of the Battle of Antietam

Hagerstown, MD

September 13 - 15, 2002

This season's major re-enactment, Antietam 140, was held on the Antz Farm not far from Antietam Battlefield. Seven us made the trip down for this big anniversary event, falling in with the 61st NY and 125th NY of the Mifflin Guard. The "Fox's Gap" scenario was held on Friday afternoon and we all had to get up in the wee hours of Saturday morning to do battle in the Cornfield. At a more reasonable hour that same day, we played the Irish Brigade on their assault upon the Sunken Road. Your correspondent stuck around the vicinity the next view days and was able to get some good photos of the real battlefield on the very anniversary of the battle.

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Riding into Union Camp Bob and Tom Our Company street Room with a View Sutlers Row Sutlers Row Parked Artillery Picketted Cavalry On the march On the march Foursome Pvt. Kenny Federal artillery opens up Taking a knee The Rebels Advance... Angel of Mercy The Union rallies The Union Triumphs! Presenting Arms A beautiful Friday evening Today's mascot, Tomorrow's breakfast